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Did you ever know someone who is an extreme science geek, one who takes learning about hair incredibly serious, yet has an amazingly creative mind and also loves to have fun and be humorously sarcastic? Well, my name is Jamie Goll and these are some of the reasons that I became a hairstylist.


I’m not sure what it is, but seeing ones face just light up with pure joy when they look in the mirror and they truly see their best self, it’s what motivates me. Perhaps it’s the mom in me, or maybe it’s because I can step back, look and go, “yup, I helped create that smile”. It feels good, heartwarmingly good. That feeling has not gone stale after 18 years.

I began my career as a hair stylist in early 2001, I was young and irresponsible yet something in this industry made me want to dive in and strive to thrive. Yes, I said I was irresponsible, I loved to have fun and having fun was my number one priority at that time. I needed to quickly figure out how to maintain my socially fun lifestyle and still thrive as an adult.


I come from a family of very talented artists; painters and sculptors, but me?  I could not draw or paint a picture to save my life! But hair, hair is a different story. I learned I had a talent at using my hands and creating style with hair.  In high school, I was always doing my friend’s hair for the dances, dates or special events.  I did not realize until later, that I had this artistic ability from the beginning.  I loved being able to spend time with my friends, hanging out, and socializing and having fun while in the process of styling their hair. It was truly gratifying, seeing my friend’s reactions to the various styles I created for them. The smiles on their faces said it all, they would hold their heads a little higher and with more confidence. I knew if I could do that and I loved doing it, I could make living from it. I had found my career.


The fun did not stop there, fast forward to the present and I am also a wife and a mom of four unbelievable kids. They are my world, my number one inspiration for everything I do now. As a family we are huge into camping. We love nothing more than traveling and discovering. Nature is a sacred love of mine. My husband, James, and I want our children to discover our Earth’s beauty as we have. We enjoy hiking, camping and road trips.  We play, laugh and discover.  With discovery also comes learning, so here is where the science geek comes out in me.


I love to learn and want to know as much as I can, understanding the science behind it all. That is why my biggest passion in this industry is hair wellness. I want your hair to be the healthiest it can be. With having your whole hair health, your colors and styles will have the most longevity. If I can also educate you on how to maintain your whole hair wellness at home, you will only feel better and be happier. And if you can feel like your best self, think about how much happier and lovely everything will be!


If you are ready to look and feel incredible, I’m so looking forward to meeting you. I invite you to come in, be pampered in a luxurious, yet spunky environment. Learn how to feel like the best version of yourself and rock some amazing hair!

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I love you all!
Jamie Goll
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